Members Present: Marcie Stefan, Rosalie Bandyopadhyay, Dottie Faisby, Alex Chaves, Luis Garcia, Cynthia Chestnut

Minutes 2/22/18:

  • Forum tonight: questions are ready, forum will be live-streamed.
  • Lee’s proposal: we need to get people out to vote – it is necessary to bridge gaps between whites/blacks, liberals/conservatives
    •  Reaching the countryside. If the festival works, we can proceed to expand to Palatka, Alachua, and Starke as well.
    • Yoho gets money from the NRA. Let’s play this to our advantage.
    • Speeches will be light. The idea is to have fun with music and performances, family-oriented, fun games for kids.
    • All the politicians said they would come. They will each speak for 5 minutes (again, the idea is to have fun and keep it light).
    • Lee is asking for funding from the DEC. He is asking for a $500 contribution, it is mostly for advertising (not so much the event itself).
    • Still discussing date and length.

Minutes 3/22/18:

  • Person in District 3 resigned.
    • Malcolm Dixon wants to run for that seat. He is requesting funds.
  •  Malcolm Dixon: grew up in Alachua, wants better parks/jobs/equality.
    • Looking for funds and volunteers. He has raised $600. He wants $1000.
    • Currently unemployed. He took a break from Santa Fe College.
    • He was at the Recreation Department for 4 months. Then he did the Summer Youth Program.
    • He is 20 years old. He just graduated high school.
    • He has applied to be a precinct leader. He is a licensed minister.
  • We will decide on how much to give him.
  • Shirley Brown is currently the vice mayor and has served for 6 years. She is asking for $500. She is well known in the community.
  • Suggestion was to  allot a total of $2000 to the candidates. It is important to support Malcolm as well since he is young.
  • Motion to give each $500 and to provide Dixon with assistance (Facebook, phone banking). Motion passed. $500 to Malcolm Dixon and $500 to Shirley Brown.
  • Spring Arts Festival on April 7th.
  • Young Leaders Summit: April 28th. Kids are going to lead (empowerment). Hoping to do it at a high school.


Precinct Voter turnouts for 2017 and 2018 General Elections:

Precinct 13 (2018) – 427/2348 18.19%

Precinct 28 (2018) – 418/2032 20.57%

Precinct 33 (2018) – 376/2676 14.05%

Precinct 13 (2017) – 176/2446 7.20%

Precinct 28 (2017) – 201/2122 9.90%

Precinct 33 (2017) – 215/2828 7.60%



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