General tips for voting as a person with disability:

If you need a lot of help, strongly consider vote-by-mail.

  • Vote-by-mail allows you to take as much time as needed.

If you vote in person, plan to use Early Voting.

  • Lines are usually shorter.
  • There are usually more poll workers available to help.

Vote-by-mail or early voting also gives more time to resolve issues, if needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • As always, be polite and respectful.
  • Be as specific as possible about the help you need.

How to vote-by-mail using accessible systems:

  • Alachua County Supervisor of Elections has contracted with OmniBallot for vote by mail.
  • This allows voters with disabilities to access and mark your ballot using computer technology on your home device and printers, privately and independently.
  • It is not an online voting system.
  • Watch an example of completing a ballot using at:

How to vote at the polls using the accessibility settings:

The voting machine allows you to mark the ballot securely and privately. Options include Audio, Enlarged Text, High Contrast (using the provided handset); or Sip’n’Puff or Paddle selection (using your handset).

  1. Check in with a poll worker.
  2. When you are given your ballot, tell the poll worker that you want to use the ADA Ballot Marking function.
  3. The poll worker will prepare the equipment.
  4. Insert your blank ballot into the machine.
  5. Make your selections using the provided handset or your Sip’n’Puff or Paddles.
  6. Let the machine know when you are done voting. The machine will mark your ballot with a built-in printer.
  7. Review the marked ballot and cast your ballot into that machine’s ballot box.Text Box: Paid for and approved by the Alachua County Democratic Party. Box 5216, Gainesville FL 32627. Not approved or paid for by any candidate.

If you have trouble matching your signature:

You can sign with an X or a rubber stamp as your signature.

Update your signature in person or by mail at the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) at 515 N. Main Street, Suite 300; Gainesville, FL 32601.

Use the form at:

To request an accessible vote-by-mail ballot:

Complete the form available on:

Send the form to the SOE by mail, fax, in person, or as an email attachment to:

What if my signature does not match my records?

You will complete a provisional ballot at the polls. Then complete the form at:

Mail this form and a copy of your valid photo ID to the SOE, by fax to (352) 374-5264, or email it to

Deadline: August 25 at 5 pm.

How do I get additional help?

Call the Florida Democrats Voter Hotline at 1 (844) VOTE-FLA or email

You can also call the SOE at (352) 374-5252. TDD: 352-491-4432.