Campaign Planning Committee Report

Members Present: Marcie Stefan, Rosalie Bandyopadhyay, Dottie Faisby, Alex Chaves, Luis Garcia, Cynthia Chestnut

Minutes 2/22/18:

  • Forum tonight: questions are ready, forum will be live-streamed.
  • Lee’s proposal: we need to get people out to vote – it is necessary to bridge gaps between whites/blacks, liberals/conservatives
    •  Reaching the countryside. If the festival works, we can proceed to expand to Palatka, Alachua, and Starke as well.
    • Yoho gets money from the NRA. Let’s play this to our advantage.
    • Speeches will be light. The idea is to have fun with music and performances, family-oriented, fun games for kids.
    • All the politicians said they would come. They will each speak for 5 minutes (again, the idea is to have fun and keep it light).
    • Lee is asking for funding from the DEC. He is asking for a $500 contribution, it is mostly for advertising (not so much the event itself).
    • Still discussing date and length.


Alachua County Disabilities Caucus Report, April 2018

Bill Rettinger, President of the Florida Disabilities Caucus, passed away last month. Bill’s first Vice-President has resigned his office, leaving Fred Pratt, the second Vice President, as acting President of the state caucus until a planned election held in Orlando in June.

Fred has said he would like to attend the convention in June, but has no means of transportation. Having been bed-ridden for over a year Fred would require special care to travel. If anyone can help fulfill his wish please call Fred at 352 214-8472 or Anna Angell at 352 665-3947.