On election day you can only vote at your precinct site, which will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. To vote in person you will need identification that includes your signature and a photograph.

  A Florida Driver’s License, a Florida Identification Card, United States passport, debit or credit card, military or student ID, retirement center or neighborhood association ID, or public assistance ID will be accepted.

Due to redistricting, which happened this year, your precinct may have changed. Even if you are in the same precinct, your polling place may have changed. If you plan to vote on election day be sure to check https://www.votealachua.gov/My-Registration-Status to see where you will vote. Even if you know where you should vote it will be a good idea to check a day or so before election day to make sure there have not been any last-minute changes.

You may use two forms of identification to meet the requirement. If you do not have the required identification, you will have to vote using a provisional ballot and will be required to submit acceptable ID to the SOE before your vote is counted.

We recommend studying the sample ballot you will be sent by the SOE so you will be prepared to vote when you arrive at your precinct. Find your election day voting location